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Earn commission for every qualified
business you refer to FiveStars.


About the Program

The FiveStars Partner Program allows you to earn commissions for each merchant relationship you introduce to us. We give you robust tools to get started and you can easily track the status of your opportunities - all in one place.


fivestars partner program Benefits

You will get all the business and marketing resources you need to successfully refer FiveStars to your merchants.


Robust Marketing Tools

Approved partners get access to marketing collateral, email templates, and e-books to help you win.


Easy referral submission process

Register your referral opportunities in our portal to make sure you get credit for all your merchant relationships.


Real-time commission tracking

Easily track your earned commission and when they will be paid out.


ongoing Training & Support

View training and support videos so you can refer FiveStars with confidence.


" FiveStars is a revolutionary marketing platform that helps my businesses generate more revenue and save money on other advertising. I've seen the success of FiveStars and feel confident introducing them to all my businesses."
Jennie Duong  - 
local partner in SF



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